Moving domains

15 01 2008

Ok so if you have me linked please change your links to I hate wordpress so im switching over all posts will maintain here but the important posts will be copied over so please go to the new site located here and renew your rss I also added a subscribe by email function if you want. anyways thanks again and sorry for the troubles this may have caused you.


RSS hugger

13 01 2008

This is a great website that I love. It is very professional looking website that helps bloggers and readers find the blogs that they want to read so go there right now and sign up . You can find it here so please go sign up and discover other peoples blogs. Just don’t forget about me, but don’t worry ill still be here when you get back.

also I love blogcatalog

The Big Q Venomstrike or Little Timmy’s Pea Shooter

13 01 2008

Ok so a very debated topic for low level hunters is to take Venomstrike or Little Timmy’s Peashooter. So just for Dps Venomstrike is better with 15.8 dps and lil timmy with only 14.2 dps. This means that venomstrike is a little better just with pure dps but it also has about a 10% chance for its special to proc which gives 31-45 extra damage. This makes it a far better weapon with about 1.6 more dps with just the procing special. so really venomstrike has about 17.4 dps while lil timmys peashooter has only 14.2 dps. so If you want to skip all the mumbo jumbo math it means that if you go for either venomstrike or lil timmy’s peashooter go for venomstrike which is much better, and also while you’re level 20 go pick up the ghost saber.

Pets, Pets, Pets

10 01 2008

Pets are the most important tool a hunter has at his disposal. Very often I see huntards at lvl 20 even who are walking around killing things without their pets. Often I ask them where their pet is and most of them say “it ran away” well fear not if you’re one of the noobsauce huntards out there. You can tame another pet! simply go to your general tab and drag the tame beast icon into you’re actionbar. Then select a target and start taming. Its that simple but if you want to see it in action BRK has made two videos, one to show you how not to be a huntard, and the other to show you how to tame pets. Also if your a noobcake huntard then you can even have more than one pet at a time. You may level as many as three after you go to the stable master and buy slots to house your pets. Anyway here are the vid links. How not to be a huntard and my favorite for who the topic of this post is how to tame pets

Are Hunters Overpowered?

9 01 2008

Write me an essay on how hunters are or are not overpowered, email it to me, and If your essay is good enough I will make you a custom signature using an actual screenshot of your character with whatever words you want on it. I will give away five signatures. If you lose and want a signature then I will happily make you one for the small fee of one dollar. You don’t have to email it just post it in a comment please. I will post an example of what the signature could look like in a couple of days. This contest will end on February 1, 2008. Me and the owner of two level 70 hunters will judge who wins.

New Guide to be released in the market

3 01 2008

Hi today I actually have a post with some major content in it first off we have the status of my characters which is that calle my blood elf rogue has been deleted and warhound the main focus of this blog is now either 14 or 15 I can’t remember which and did a dead mines run last night that netted him 2 blues and a ton of greens. I got all the loot except defias gear and the cruel barb. Over all it was fun it was just me and a lvl 56 guildy that wanted the defias gear for her rogue so overall it was a great run made 1 gold just in the coin drops which is a lot for me as I only own 12 gold total on warhound. Any gold making tips are appreciated.

Secondly I have a huge announcement. About a week ago I wrote a guide about making gold with winter veil and a guide to getting from and to darnassus. My mom thought it was good enough to sell so I quickly made it into a PDF and a website to go with it. I am intending to sell this guide for $2.00 but for three days the guide will be posted here on my blog as a download as I want to see what people think of it before I release it for sale. anyways here it is. This guide will now always be free. The Ultimate Cash Creating Guide to Winter Veil and The Guide to Darnassus



I’m Back

31 12 2007

Just got back from Portland headed over there for the weekend to have Christmas with the rest of the family. The way back took five hours because of all the snow on the mountain passes. It usually takes only three hours. I’m still looking for some post suggestions so email me at